Horn Ok Please

Horn Ok Please

It’s very common reading the epic messages like Horn Ok Please, Blow Horn, Aawaz Do behind trucks on the roads. Like this one is asking to ‘BL OW  HO RN’. But, I’m sure every Indian knows that epic message that’s on the tip of the tongue, when you think about a truck. And I really wanted to write something about it. Then I realised that just text will not do, so, I made it rhyme a bit. Here we go…

Horn OK Please

When you’re feeling all alone,

You might’ve been like a wandering soul,

When the people are tryin na take control,

You call out Horn OK Please

Your life must’ve been totally on a roll,

But some losers are tryin’na take a toll,

Well then later on it gets offloaded,

When you shout out Horn OK Please.

Situation doing tricky translation bringing connotation growing superstition, throwing allegations.

Preaching procrastination, lurking imagination, feeling constipation, hindering contemplation.

Dump them all just move on…

You got a friend somewhere on the road,

She talked you up she kinda cleansed your soul,

Then she caught her boyfriend on the boulevard,

You’re pissed out Horn OK Please

You’ve been to places that’s just incredible

The journey ends you’re still full on petrol

Apparently you’re feeling all alone

That’s all right Horn OK Please