Khallari Temple Straight Up to 842nd Stair

Khallari temple is a two hours drive from Raipur on Rajim Expressway ditching it on the turn to Mahasamund. It is a religious place similar to Dongargarh or Chandi Mandir in Chhattisgarh. The temple is situated on a hill top in the village Khallari and it is known to attract people during full moon day in Chaitra when a festival is organised for the celebration. Now this not an ordinary visit and unlike Dongargarh this place gives you no other option but to move up on foot. There are roughly about 900 stairs to climb and hard to find water on the way, keep a bottle. It might sound tiring but once my mom who usually cannot walk long distance owing to joint pain completed this feat, I’m so proud of her.

Higher you climb this spot better gets the view and it’s a perfect time to take a full panorama shot when you’re somewhere close to 700 stairs. There’s a resting plain just before a few hundred stairs to the main temple. The stay is worth it, it’s scenic and stretches to a good 180 degree pan. Climb the remaining and you’re at the main hall where goddess Khallari resides. There’re a lot of small temples, one that’s so narrow that I almost missed the site on my first visit. Around the premise there’s a wall with numerous names mentioned on it, it’s a gesture of courtesy that temple authorities decided to write every name who must’ve donated for the construction of this temple. There’s a guest house at the place and the view of horizon from this spot is just spectacular. Lenses on full throttle at this junction and during the dusk the sky plays around with it’s flamboyant hues.

Way back is the same 900 leading you to the ground and that’s almost an achievement when your health band does a small celebration on the achievement of your daily goal. If all ends well, try out the snacks at shack adjacent to the temple entrance and revive the lost energy. Start for this place early at about 9 so you reach by 12 in a comfortable drive with all kinds of stops on the way. Even if you complete the whole thing by 2:30 pm, head towards Chandi Mandir.

By G. Swapnil

G. Swapnil has over 8 years of professional experience in developing Branding & Promotion Strategies for clients from various industrial backgrounds. He is MBA in Marketing & HR and prior to that he graduated M.Sc.Biotechnology from Amity University, Noida. With a flair for writing and experience in Editorials from a leading magazine of India, he started Welcome236 chapter to compile his weekend journeys in Chhattisgarh. Welcome236 is a travelogue that explores and present the beautiful state of Chhattisgarh. He can be contacted on for website and social network related queries and on for professional consultation.