Lush Green, Beautiful and Parks in Naya Raipur

naya raipur park

Naya Raipur is one of the most promising projects in Chhattisgarh. Wide lanes, astonishing infrastructure and lush green, it almost checks all the ‘happening’ factor of a developed city. On this blog let’s just talk about the parks in this area. The entrance to Capitol complex is from a boulevard that’s wide as four lane and smooth as… let’s just say butter? The centre of this boulevard is the central park that stretches to the length of this road. It can easily meet your Fitbit goal of the day or might be even more. The designs, graffiti and story of this park is totally fantastic. A lovely destination for an evening for a change.

Very close by is a park that’s very simple, a stretch of lush green garden, some swings to lure the kids and finally an amazing amphitheater. The land is long enough to think twice before taking an end to end walk. Glad they made the amphitheatre towards the entrance and I’m really waiting to witness a performance at this place, probably a rock concert or something. The sitting area is very creatively build with concentric semi circular cement and grass overlays, even a random shot with camera looks fantastic. And I was talking about how good the place is when I found out for the first time and it was close to about 6:00 pm. All of a sudden what I though is just raining lit up to white lights changing the  whole premise into angel white. It’s certainly beautiful, scenic and relaxing when a couple of friends around looks at each other feeling happy about what just happened.

One more thing, there’s slides and other things for entertainment and I’m sure kids will have a whole new story to describe about this place.