Muktangan an Open Air Exhibition of The Chhattisgarh and The Chhattisgarias


Exhibitions are not confined to only buildings in Chhattisgarh like Purkhouti Muktangan, which is an exhibition under the sky.

Purkhouti Muktangan, a unique concept that communicates the essence of Chhattisgarh and at the same time it proves to be equally entertaining. Its an open air museum embracing 200 acres of artworks demonstrating traditional, cultural and historical facets of Chhattisgarh. For tourists, bloggers or authors who want to kick start exploring CG, must spend some time here. You are sure to find an inspiring moment to soak in every place that you must visit or don’t want to miss in CG.

This place has lot to offer from miniatures of monuments in CG to the world renowned metal work and the wooden work that you can actually buy. At the entrance you’ll see huge gardens and it’s on you to decide the miniature monument around which you’d like to sit, relax and take a bite of energy bars you’ve in the pocket. Oh you don’t? better buy one before you enter because it’s a huge place and you’ll sure need some of these to boost up your energy. But if you’re not tired already start with Amcho Bastar, it’s an exhibition starting from the left of that huge guard in metal work that welcomes you to Muktangan.

Amcho Bastar

One can find everything about Amcho Bastar; from special attractions and the natural beauty to people’s lifestyle and rituals followed by tribes. This place carries a great deal of information on belief, habits, habitats and deities in Bastar. Special attention is given to the wooden and bell metal artwork for which Bastar is known across the world. There’s a section dedicated to Bastar Dussehra, one of the longest running festivals in the world for a whopping 75 days!. For the love it it, this place also exhibits a huge cart which is an special attraction at Dussehra. True edutainment!

Long Stretch of Gardens

Once you’re out of Amcho Bastar exhibition, on the other side there are gardens (and now you’ll sure need that energy bar), length of land with miniatures of most relevant sites in Chhattisgarh, many artworks that adds to the aesthetic of this place as well as their stories that completes CG, it all syncs here. You’ll get happier to know that if you use a fitness band then this place can easily meet your day’s goal. Get your aviators or wayfarer if planning for a noon visit. Sun will be overhead showering rays right on you – that also calls for some SPF 30 creams, all this just for comfort.

With Family? Water.