New Makeover of Katora Talab in Raipur is Just Fascinating

Katora Talab in Raipur is now an amazing hang out spot to spend an evening. The lake is completely renovated and has a food zone, a play zone for kids, park to walk and Tandoori Chai.

Katora Talab in Raipur has been completely renovated for the locals. The premise has amazing vegetarian food options, a lovely park, fountain and kids play area. Katora Talab is yet another story of progressive Raipur. It use to pass by unnoticed once but now it is a fully grown space for a quality lifestyle. With people coming to the park, the area surrounding this premise also hints of welcoming the newness.

The Setup

The locals have open heartedly welcomed this facelift of Katora Talab and actively takes part in development. Driving to this place, park your car inside the premise. Thinking of ordering food inside the wheels isn’t such a bad idea, but you’ll really miss the ambiance. The area is clean and preferred by many who’re foodies. You’ll get to see some amazing local food brand growing here. 3 Sisters is our favourite pick of these example. Although Tandoori Chai has been the centre of attraction at this place from a long time. For quality life, prefer taking a walk on the garden, not only it offers fresh air but also a beautiful view of fountains installed towards the front and a lovely city landscape on the background.


It opens at 5:00AM and closes at 9:00PM. As this place is more about spending some quality time, noon is a no go. Overhead sun will add no fun to your day, unless you’re really running short of Vitamin D. Mornings and evening are just splendid. It is a bit away from busy streets so you can check in to this place for some leisure work etc. Don’t expect any non-veg, don’t expect sunset and definitely not a place for beautiful landscapes. 


Katora Talab is very close to a market area known for cosmetics and beauty products in Raipur. If you love to walk, then it’s a good time to shop for grooming. Nearby is Marine Drive or Telibandha Talab if you want to catch up for your next destination. Or if you just want to pass through a Arch Bridge with LEDs giving sense of trance, head to the opposite direction.


By G. Swapnil

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