The Temple of Jatmai


Jatmai is a place of worship and the people of Gariabandh have a lot of faith on this temple.

In just 30 mins of distance from Ghatarani, there’s this holy site called Jatmai where Goddess Jatmai resides. Jatmai Mata holds an special importance in the heart of people living in Gariabandh and they’ve been paying a visit from a very long time. The stone idol resides in the heart of this temple. Don’t forget to keep two extra pairs of clothes while visiting this destination because there’s a waterfall in here that you can’t resist.

White, serine and pure the temple of Jatmai grabs a look of every visitor right on the first sight. The temple is made from granite and it has eight small towers arranged almost in linear pattern then there’s a huge main tower gives this place an aesthetically appeal. What’s really charming is the whole landscape, at a distance this temple seems to be surrounded by green blanket and a down view is a mesmerising waterfall.

The waterfall is the most scenic beauty at Jatmai and it’s at the peak of flamboyancy during and soon after monsoon. The water trickles down the stones and in one location it passes right below the stairs that connects to the temple, giving a very pleasurable view. At one spot the water gets collected in a reservoir and here the public is in action. Don’t think twice, just get into it. It’s pleasing, joyful as if body’s releasing dopamine and it’s just not giving up doing so.

In about 15 mins distance from the temple of Jatmai, there’s a huge water reservoir which has limited options to get into it but it’s sure a landscape that photographers won’t like to miss.