The Waterfall of Ghatarani

There are more than 35 waterfalls in Chhattisgarh and Ghatarani is one of the best

The waterfall of Ghatarani is about 2:30 hrs (85 kms) away from Raipur via NH30 and NH130. Suitable time to visit is during rains or soon after monsoon and keep two pairs of extra clothes so to enjoy the waterfall and get drenched. There are noticeable landmarks on the way and they’ll in turn attract you for the heritage they embrace Abhanpur, Rajim, Panduka and the destinations Jatmai & Ghatarani. Yes, there are two waterfalls that’s why two extra pairs of clothes, and always named together perhaps for the reason they’re about 30 mins apart and always visited in one trip.

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It's been sometime that Instagram rolled out pinch-to-zoom option, now is the time to use it and read that black board. Paths that we walk are not always straight. Sometime there comes a fork when you need to decide if you want to go ?? this way or that way ??. So at Ghararani, you come across one such fork. Left takes you down to the waterfall where you can get drenched. Right takes you to a temple and then on the masses of rocks where you can see everything from a height. Which way will you choose? ??or?? #nofilter #waterfall #water #place #interesting #amazing #wanderlust #travel #traveler #explorer #photooftheday #noedit #travelgram #love #sunset #like4like #followme #me #follow #awesome #view #photography #life #tbt #Thursday #temple #landscape #iphone #iphoneonly #Chhattisgarh

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Close to the Nature

Reaching at this place is also accompanied with a change in mood, in my view it’s directly related to the change. At Ghatarani, one has already left the plains of Raipur and reached to terrains where one can feel the obvious difference in climate, weather and freshness of air. It’s serine, beautiful and peaceful. There are two temples Shri Lakhsami Annapurna and Lord Kuber temple and on other side is Maa Ghatarani. It’s legendary stories tells about the power at this location and as usual, in such places you usually ask for a wish and tie a knot on a red holy cloth in a hope that it’ll be granted one day. After all, faith is what kept humans going.

To begin with, it’s not the natural waterfall that continues year round, but it’s mostly the flow of natural rainwater that earns this place the talked about beauty. The Waterfall is the most mesmerising attraction at this place and the best way to know is to get underneath the fall, friends and family… even better. Photographers, I’ve realised you’ll get better shots during noon or morning of the waterfall and wait till the sunset if you’re lucky enough to witness the hues as the sun sets beyond those valleys.

Found no food here and whatever there was won’t satisfy the appetite. Better get some food from the city while starting from Raipur (Dominos or Colors Mall will be on the way). Rajim is another junction where you can stop by for dhaba food (try find CG Tourism resort in Rajim).

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