The Wander Flair, a Journey

Wander Flair

Wandering to an everlasting destination

What is it that you like in a journey? What matters to you the most when you’re on the go? Do you keep a track of time, know where you’re exactly on the map or where you’re heading to and why?

It was just a regular weekend when I got up late, trying to figure out what’s next ahead. While still on a train of thoughts, I started with daily chores keeping in mind that I’ve to go out. Shortly after, I was on the back of my wheels just to know that I was heading, somewhere. I was comfortable with that thought and I kept going.

It’s a beautiful place, Chhattisgarh, where one often lands at destination that’s nothing less than a surprise. Perhaps because it’s still unexplored or maybe because not many know about what is explored or left unexplored here. But I guess that day, my journey was not about one single destination. It was a journey in which I reached a million destinations and those places never asked me to stop, instead, they pushed me to go on.

What can be new about a horizon? We see it everyday and it can never be reached I learned from science. But as it grew on me, I realised that it’s all about a blue sphere. Then I got a clue, maybe journey is about a chase that’s endless. It’s about the journey, not the destination.