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Welcome236 is a blog on places and lifestyles in Chhattisgarh. The travelogue is a collection of the vivid and intriguing facets of the relatively unexplored state. Welcome236 aka Welcome to Chhattisgarh is your companion to know this place better. There’s so much to learn and study about Chhattisgarh, traditions, culture, arts and crafts and the lifestyle. The state is going through an amazing growth period, continuously evolving and challenging the old perspectives about this great land. Welcome236 has tried to compile the journey over the weekends in this beautiful state of Chhattisgarh.

About Chhattisgarh


We have been traveling Chhattisgarh over the weekends and made a collection of journeys in the form of this travelogue. So if we resonate and you’re planning to do the same or you want to read about Chhattisgarh in a nutshell ‘Here’ is a good place to start!. There are some Offbeat topics, imagine them as storytelling or scribbling. If you’ve questions in mind, then please drop them in Suggestion Box. We are active on Instagram so you can also DM us on @welcome236_ account.

Welcome236 Travelogue

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The Offbeat Author


Our Focus

One Step in-front of the Other…. No Rush

Traveling Chhattisgarh

We travel on weekend to keep up the work-life balance. Mostly the plan is of one location but sometimes, it gets extended.

Storytelling & Travelogues

When the journey gets over, then it’s time for us to tell you about it. This is the part we love the most, hope you love it too.

Some Compositions

Sometimes when article gets too rhyming, we just turn it into a song. Now that might not be a thumb rule, but we just love doing so.

Culture and The People

We get to meet new people, hear new stories, make new friends and keep up with the journey. Just another wanderlust type.