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11 Power Accessories for Instagrammers using #ShotoniPhone

The iPhone Instagrammers are already carrying a monster equipment for their projects. But do you know these accessories can help you improve the perfection? We have built a list of 11 great addons (including our favourite iPhone) to boost your mobile photography or let’s just say, iPhonography performance. So here’s the Wishlist of items that you can add to your amazon cart.

Tripod & Selfie Stick

Now this particular accessory on Amazon serves dual purpose. It is a Selfie Stick as well as a Tripod, truly a blessing for Instagrammers. Having said that, it will save a lot of space on your travel bag as it slims down the thickness of two into half. Also, it opens up an option of length adjustment, which otherwise is not available on handy tripods. So if you are planning for destination known for natural beauty through the windows of your stay, think of all hassle free Time-lapse you can make with this. Did it bring smile on your face, try the selfie stick then.

Power Bank #2

So a usual day journey last up to 9 hours. To our experience, 10,000 mAH battery, which is good enough for 3 charge meets this requirement fairly well. And our hot pick is this power bank by Pebble which comes in two colours, black & white. If you happen to be an Instagrammer who go live many times, then buy both. They’re easy on pocket. What we really love about this is the LEDs which displays how much power is banked on these devices. They are hardly a palm size and easy slips on back or the side pocket. In addition, they look just amazing.

Polaroid Lens? Use these shades instead. #3

So, you might be wondering what these spectacle is doing here, and why just this? Who dislikes the sun? Well, lens really dislikes it. In our journey to Jaisalmer and many other places, we had been consistently using these amazing spectacles as replacement of polaroid lens. It cuts off excess sunrays and adds up a lot of clarity on the images. Now this one, if you notice is a gradient spectacle, which also translates to a choice of adjusting exposure level. What a jugaad! These models of Polaroid sunglasses maintain the natural colour i.e. no tinted, all natural photos. Instagrammers, can also use it for amazing looking selfies. Clever?

Lensball #4

We are in love with this crystal. It is a transparent beautiful circular piece of glass that usually gulps and invert the whole world right in-front of you. It is one of the favourite canvas to capture spectacular views for Instagrammers. Helps in creating out of the box and super engaging perspectives of the surrounding. It takes time to understand how it behaves with light, distance and spaces. It always fascinates us with the subject called optics. Well, that is apart from the time when we use it in photography though.

Additional Lenses #5 and #6

Now iPhones have comparatively little lesser wide angle sensor compared to Samsung or other devices. So, our first pick is this wide-angle lens that helps us capturing a wider perspective of landscapes in front of us. This one looks a little expensive but we love the quality of lens it offers, so it kind of pays off for Instagrammers.

Our other pick is this Zoom lens. Right, we still do not have an inbuilt capacity on phone to give decent optical zoom. This lens has proven us good in many different situation. We have took it to the dense jungle safari, we have used it to click birds and we have also used it to shoot moon. Works just fine in all the situations. Although, still no up to the mark as DSLR output but absolutely, it is way better than not having the shot altogether.

Charging Cables #7

This are some cool looking and almost half the price of iPhone official lightning cables. If you are particular about brands, we would certainly not recommend you to buy these. But if you are a wanderlust types and would not like to spend half of the time removing dirt from official cables, these comes handy. A bit of caution before buying any lightning cables in general, make sure they are Apple certified. You will definitely not appreciate spending into something that is not supported by your device.

Bag to hold it all #8

Keeping things organize is one activity you must get into. It will help you in avoiding reoccurring expenses on forgettable items list. One way is to buy a bag that holds it all together all the time, then you just hold the bag. Here is what we use mostly. Messenger bags are really handy during mobile photography. For the reason they just need your one shoulder and anything inside it, is easily accessible. This one by Skybag is what we have been using.

Camera Grip Addon #9

This little circle gets handy for Instagrammers in some specific conditions like on a speed boat, or paragliding or one want to record fast movements and need to make sure not loosing the phone in the process. Although, we still suggest to keep working on your grip and get comfortable with either of the two ways of gripping an iPhone. It helps a lot!

Gimbal – Stabilizing accessories  #10

It might sound like a lot of money to put into an accessory. But if you are into cinematography, or sports like x-games or similar then you must consider it. This gimbal fixes your phone in the axis and eliminates almost all possible jerks from the frame. The results are amazing. Videos look far more engaging and a lot more professional with this device.

iPhone 7 Plus #11

Our pick is iPhone 7 Plus and you must have guessed why, simply because of dual camera assembly. This is the basic iPhone with capability of shooting portraits with dual cameras. The portrait mode open-up new possibilities as these images also stores the phase difference information. One easy example of its utility can be found in 3D photo feature recently introduced on Facebook. These cameras have optical stabilization, a much-needed wish by Viners, Vbloggers or YouTubers which was finally fulfilled.

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Please do not forget to write your comments below about this mobile photography kit. Mobile photography is getting even more amazing and exiting year on year. As these gadgets gains more power and gets technically superior, their scope of being the first choice has improved too. We’ll update this section very often as we learn more about new accessories or a better replacements.

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