A Hang out at Suspension Bridge in Mahadev Ghat, Raipur

In 2018, Mahadev Ghat, Raipur had many new additions to its ambience. Most notable of it being the Suspension Bridge, built across river Kharun. It’s one of a kind in Chhattisgarh.

About the Premise

Mahadev Ghat is a sight of religious significance for people in Raipur. It’s a group of shrines dedicated to many gods and goddesses from almost the beginning of Raipur’s history. The temples are constructed on the bank of river Kharun. Amongst all, most notable shrine is that of Hatkeshwar Mahadev, Hariraj Naik built it in 1402. It was the ruling period of Brahmadeo Rai, the son of Kalchuri King Ramchnadra. The ancient Shiva Linga is towards the inner temple complex. At the entrance one could see the new sculpted Sita Ram, Hanuman and many relevant Hindu deities. 


Nearby is Shri Panchdashnam Juna Akhada, also, a recently built Hanuman Mandir and at the bank is Kharun. It’s a common saying that on one end of Kharun river is Thakurain Tola in Patan, Durg and on the other end is Mahadev Ghat in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. The temple of Mahadev Ghat witnesses peak footfalls during Mahashivratri. During this time, deciples from various corners of this state and beyond reaches here for Lord Shiva’s aarti. A holy ritual performed to get the blessings from the creator and the destroyer himself.

The Suspension Bridge

People in Chhattisgarh has been coming to this location since centuries but very recently this place underwent a massive facelift. To add to the ambience of this heartful location, government decided to add a few finishing touch. The suspension bridge’s construction completed in 2018 at Mahadev Ghat. In addition, landscaping of a long stretch of lush green garden right after the bridge. Taking a walk on this bridge is an amazing experience. If you notice carefully, you can feel the bridge counter balancing your weight with smooth movement. Because there are the hydrolic systems installed at the base of this structure. Although, a view from the side can help you to notice the phenomenon better and it’s simply amazing. But the experience is not over yet.

Right after the bridge is an entrance to Mahadev Ghat garden. Long stretch of lush greens grasses will take no time to get your attention. In addition, the artists went a mile ahead in adding interesting scenes. Our best being statue of lord Shiva amids the waterfall. Right, this garden is a lot engaging and a perfect treat for the health conscious. Don’t forget to check with your FitBit steps here. The distance this place demands for walking will surely meet your one day goal. The garden has long stretch of banks where one can simply relax or spend some leisure time. And then a walk back to the bridge with a calm and conditioned mind, is like a day well spent.

By G. Swapnil

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