Bhoramdev Jungle Safari takes Six Hours for One Ride

Bhoramdev Jungle Safari was a 6 hours ride, perhaps the longest safari in Chhattisgarh.

Spread across 70 km of circumference makes Bhoramdev Jungle Safari one of the longest safaris in Chhattisgarh. It takes about a good six hours to get in and get out of this natural heritage blessed with some of the most beautiful landscapes one’ll ever come across in Chhattisgarh. Right from the middle of this jungle flows ‘Sakri Nadi’ translates to narrow river and as the name suggest, it’s actually a stream of water whose width is almost equal to the height of an average human being and it flows the year round. Bhoramdev Jungle Safari is one of a very recently developed sight started in 2015 and the biodiversity this place holds is fantastic.

Bhoramdev is a tiger reserve but it embraces a very diverse wildlife in a landscape that’s heaven for your lenses and gears. Right in the middle of this jungle is origin of the river Sakri Nadi and the sight is no less than a mini heaven in the middle of nowhere. A few minutes stay here and a look towards the clouds you’ll feel the sunlight shredded through leaves of dense trees, that’s pretty much like a movie set up. Also you’ll find lot of monkeys on these trees looking at you wondering what in the world are we trying to do, ignore them, the feeling is worth it.

Further in the jungle one’ll witness almost all kind of wild creatures mostly deers, peacocks and antelopes. If you try hard you’ll also come across bears, wild buffalos and fabulous birds. Jackpot if you see a tiger. But then, that’s how the achievement badges are in almost any safari in India. So this is all luck, we scored just a level below the jackpot.

Try this safari only after a heavy lunch and keep small bottles of water with you because it’s going to be a long ride. Good food is at a few hotels in the city Kawardha, to mention they’ve one outlet of  Goli that serves Vada Pav in different flavours. Also, if you’ve your room booked at resorts, then do tell them about the time you’ll leave for the safari in advance. The trip will be exhausting so better keep a whole day for this.

By G. Swapnil

Hi! I am G. Swapnil, a working professional happily married to G. Divya and I love to go about places, explore what's around me and script them for memories. I've been traveling Chhattisgarh since I came back completing my PG in 2008 from Amity University, Noida. There was lot to wander in Chhattisgarh as it was comparatively unexplored and had been recently identified as a separate state. Leaving Raipur behind on weekends, finding peace on the roads, the horizon and halts it became a passion. Slowly, I started collecting these journeys on Instagram and later founded this travelogue Welcome236. I am excited to know your opinion of the blog and if you want to get in touch with me for suggestions, feedbacks and collabs then email me on I'll be quick to respond on Instagram DM