Bhoramdev The Shiva of Kawardha

Kawardha, a place with one of the most marvellous landscapes in Chhattisgarh has a form of Shiva know just to a few.

Just a 40 mins drive from nearest city Kawardha is this magnificent temple Bhoramdev. It’s a temple of lord Shiva, recognised as Bhoramdev by the tribes of Kawardha. An alter story mention that this temple is built by a Gond king Bhoramdev. However, the Gond came to rule this place sometimes in15th century and the architecture is said to be built in 7th-11th century AD. Now there’s enough mention of this temple at many different sources but it’s not just the destination that’s worth reaching but the whole journey. Kawardha will embrace you with many valleys and stunning sights and it’ll bound you in mesmerising natural landscapes.

Now with that view, wheels stop at Bhoramdev temple. First glance of it will remind you of Khajuraho, as on the walls of this temple lies erotic sculptures that sets it apart from the other temples in Chhattisgarh. Mostly, that conclusion is out of natural instinct. Take a look at it again and a pattern will emerge in these sculptures that have four distinct conclusion. The layer at the base is of Bharabahakas (dwarves Vamana) who’re lifting the heavy weight of temple’s longest built. Second pattern that emerges is of jangha – the warriors and the third row is erotic scriptures while the fourth have worshippers some of them playing instruments. The interpretation is sourced from a booklet Temples of Chhattisgarh, published by Chhattisgarh Tourism. This temple soon soaks in the visitors in its spectacular beauty and one can spend days studying the architecture and sculptures that tells a lot about ancient civilisations.

Very close by this temple is a resort Bhoramdev Retreat, care taken by two very special people Sunny and his beloved wife. They’ve made this astonishing stay completely self sustainable and the magnificent temple is just a walk away from here. Other few attractions which are very close by this place is Mandwa Mahal and Bhoramdev Jungle Safari.

By G. Swapnil

Hi! I am G. Swapnil, a working professional happily married to G. Divya and I love to go about places, explore what's around me and script them for memories. I've been traveling Chhattisgarh since I came back completing my PG in 2008 from Amity University, Noida. There was lot to wander in Chhattisgarh as it was comparatively unexplored and had been recently identified as a separate state. Leaving Raipur behind on weekends, finding peace on the roads, the horizon and halts it became a passion. Slowly, I started collecting these journeys on Instagram and later founded this travelogue Welcome236. I am excited to know your opinion of the blog and if you want to get in touch with me for suggestions, feedbacks and collabs then email me on I'll be quick to respond on Instagram DM