The Buried City of Sirpur

What really makes Chhattisgarh stand out from rest of India that it didn’t fall a victim of the Mughals or the Colonial rule. As a result, it was least destroyed by  war but only by calamities. Sirpur is one such example of a magnificent civilisation that found it’s peace during an earthquake at some time in the history. It was excavated in 1990 projects but the major excavation plan dates very close to 2011. It’s about one and a half hour of journey from Raipur on what now is an express lane to Odisha.

Sirpur is a very clear example where there was a thrust on union of religions and hence as soon as you reach the point where the city starts, you get to see a Buddha Vihar on one side of the road and Shiva temples on the other. The statues and the construction at this place has survived all the natural calamities and it’s said that these constructions are as much as 1100 to 1500 years old. There’s lot to write about Sirpur as unlike other blogs which are spots, this one in particular is a City with each monuments with it’s own story.

Let’s not go in length in this blog but a quick review will tell you to start from Teevardevo Buddhist Monastery, Baleshwar Mahadev Temple Complex, the famous Lakshaman Temple and there’s also a badly destroyed Ram Temple complex right opposite to it, then at a little distance there’s International Market and what’s known as the pyramid of India – Surang Tila (Surang – a underground pathway, Tila – roughly translates to temple). Apart from these ancient monuments, there’s a well known temple Gandehswar Temple dedicated to lord Siva that boast a huge ancient Banyan Tree known to have mystical powers which makes your wish comes true. Once you’re done skimming through these locations (can’t really be studied in a day), you might want to sit in peace at the bank of river Mahanadi that flows right behind this temple. It’s a mesmerising view and relaxing at the same time.

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The magnificent remains of what was once a major capital city in around 6th Century AD. It's a picture of Baleshwar Temple in Sirpur. It's 2016 now, few years back it was half the size of what's escavated now, only time will tell what will come up in the future. The epic ancient city, was once a capital and center of major international trade. It's rich remains tells us about religious beliefs and lifestyle. A few structures still standing tall, are simply an example of excellent architectural knowledge. There are lot many secrets hidden underneath this part of earth, and as the team of archeologist moving ahead with survey, many secrets are about to get uncovered. #sirpur #ancient #civilization #iphone #iphoneonly #Chhattisgarh

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Visiting all these spot will take about a day. There’s a small Dhaba (diner) near to Surang Tila where you can much some delicious Samosas and similar snacks. My favourite at this place is Saloni served with hot chutney. Although there are many shacks on the way, but that ask to compromise with the express lane and drive though Rajim, so keep some dry snacks with you, just in case. Alternative planning can be a few days stay at some resort in Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary that’s very close to Sirpur and one can easily spend a day here.

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