Crowded with disciples yet so peaceful at Champaran

Vallabhachara took his avatar at Champaran in Chhattisgarh

Started for Champaran and it was an easy passage through Naya Raipur and after 1-2 km of awkward patch, rest of the road is just smooth and easy. Google Map however was damn confused in Naya Raipur so count on signboards, they work just fine. You can find some food at this place, but no Cafés around.

In about 1:30 hr (44-50 km) drive from city is this land known as the birthplace of Saint Vallabhacharya. We often get to read about him in scriptures but being at this holy spot is a lot overwhelming. The very first thought that cross one’s mind after reaching here is the colors. Huge structures (at least larger than the usual in CG) with such a flamboyant display of colors, very captivating and they elicit happy feelings. What gets noticed next is the crowd. Unlike others spots, instead of serenity, the Champaran lifestyle takes over and there’s sounds of all kind and people stumbling upon, talking about the place, chanting mantras and a few playing some music, pedestrian walking in almost all directions here, I was here on Sunday said to be busiest of all days in a week.

There are monkeys! Like many other religious places even this temple has lots of notorious monkeys (they do no harm, should be the case I guess) who mostly stares at you and at times snatched food, if you’re carrying any. Pass through them and you enter the magnificent building soaked in colors, simplicity and richness. I won’t describe a lot of my experience hereon, because it’s something you must try on your own. It’s simple follow the line kind of set up in this temple. Darshan closes at 12:30 pm starts again during evening around 4.


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Try and imagine how incomplete this place would've been in absence of this flutist. Thousands of bodies stumbling wandering moving some devotees and some tourist. Everyone at their own pace, but this flutist just needed his flute. Found a place to sit comfortably and then started improvising. His sound traversed through the mundane cacophony, remained uneffected with what's around. In the process, caught attention of a few as they circle him up just to address the little ambiance he created around himself. For me, now it's hard to imagine this place without sound of his flute, so I wonder how incomplete this place would've been in absence of this flutist. #music #flute #Champaran #landscape #iphone #iphoneonly #Chhattisgarh

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PS: It’s a place of religious importance and also there are a few pilgrimage that are incomplete without visiting this place. Don’t forget to stop by at Tourist Information point to collect more information.

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