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Destination Lockdown Unlocking Global Equation

Coronavirus and Lockdown together these words changed a lot in the way we think about the planet and about each other. Just earned an experience of how it feels like to face an invisible enemy. How it disorient people when they could not find a face tangible enough to aim at or to fight. How ordinary we are that we can only imagine an enemy which is either an extrapolation, interpolation or personification of things that we perceive around us.

Well this time, the enemy came out from familiar books of biology, from a chapter dealing with smallest entity that’s hard to distinguish being alive or dead. Irony is, this half-life was sufficient for a global disorder. No vaccine works on it, rhymes equal to we’re helpless. The only choice we’ve is to pick flight to fight. Don’t let it get to you because it’ll then use you to multiply – the most evolved creature, the intelligent being serving ourselves as host to brainless, bodyless virus.

So unanimously the world went on a lockdown. There’s no body on street, no host to feed, strategy -let this enemy die out of hunger. A battle that involved strictly taking no action for almost a month or two to win the game. We halted, economy slowed down, we couldn’t print more cash, worried lot about economic outcome but certainly we understand value of life – being humans. Strange, that if we value life so much, why we indulge in printing cash over adding value to life and its moments? Is fear of death the only apparent mirror to realize the value of life?

Look back!

Perhaps, the incident made us turn and look back if it’s not the mirror. Looking back we first glanced to our family, then our past and then went on a wormhole. It was a global rhythm, social media flooding with how it use to be kind feeds. It happened in various proportions, some of us kept it to smiles and some took response to next level making memes, re-telecasting golden age – clearly a global nostalgia. Never too clear if it was the feed driving the global mood or other way round, but together the world was tuned to a rhythm.

If global tuning is so possible then is it really necessary for it to accompany a global disaster? Can’t it happen – just for the good? You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. Hope someday, you’ll join us, and the world will be as one. On this day, is it still hard to imagine?

So a social design hides in these pixels and networks – unbroken, unattended. What makes it foggy is virtue and power, views and followers – an unchained melody just to stand out, being different. Making story, making it big, creating identity like so, but you and I are different already, selectively, naturally. The real attempt one’s making here is to be somebody. But, is being somebody a strong value proposition vs. be as one?

what to choose

The model of economy is also a law of segregation and in the process, it separates poor from rich, rich from greedy, greedy from richer while the richest who may or may not be greedy at the moment is seeking for meaning of life. Rest on the playground trying to fill the gap through methods like competition, innovation, discoveries and invention to blur the segregation. Richest on the other hand is left behind of these intervention. His need now is to be a staff for a company of higher order, but as now he is to fulfill his wants and wishes – might be a disconnect from ‘be as One’ theory.

On the playground, the whole transactional chaos of give and take relationship is completely confined to mankind. Looking at the complex economic process from earth’s point of view is quite a tragic comedy. So a human being takes something from planet, uses economics somehow to get a value, gives that thing to another human being and keeps the value in exchange for himself. Wait! Nothing goes back to the planet? Not too eco for the economics, but certainly it’s not the fault of subject. It just needs to be applied globally. Hypothetically, a fish in exchange to be served on a plate might like to get its family insured – fair deal?

Incomplete Equation

It wasn’t really happening until Earth finally applied for a small vacation shedding some load off of human beings. When Coronavirus momentarily pulled the focus of some media telling how absence of humans is resulting in re-establishing ecology. Clean air to breath, cleaner water to swim and safer shores for kingdom of life minus us. Earth performed better in absence of confined economics, giving it a critical challenge to replicate this serendipity and redo economics for global transaction system. Say, if Coronavirus is the tax imposed by natural selection, then definitely the interest was all time high this time and we’re in deep debt.


By G. Swapnil

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