Gangrel is an Uprising Tourist Spot in Chhattisgarh

Gangrel Dam was famous as the longest dam of Chhattisgarh. But now it is an elaborated tourist resort demanding a weekend stay.

Gangrel has been one of the favourite picnic spots for families, schools and offices. The view of gallons of water flowing through its doors from 30 mt above the ground level is nothing less than thrilling. But it’s the long stretch of beautiful gardens and landscaping is what makes this place so fit for a day outing, since decades. This dam receives very high footfalls during winters. It is the time when corporates and education intuitions usually think about taking a day break. That also translates to peaceful weekdays worth spending quality time here.

Gangrel Dam is about two hours’ drive from Raipur on Dhamtari road. It is one of the marvellous feat of engineering on river Mahanadi and operational since 1979. Gangrel Dam can hold about 910 million cubic mt of water and that forms Ravishankar Reservoir. For this very reason, Gangrel dam is often referred as Ravi Shankar Sagar Dam or R S Sagar Dam. This dam’s length spreads to about 1830 mt and about 30 mt high from ground. It is the lifeline for farmers as it gives year round irrigation facility resulting in two crops in a year. In addition, the dam produces 10 MW of electricity used in the nearby villages.

Now the story doesn’t end with the dam here. Over the years, Gangrel is shaping into an elaborated weekend stay spot. The place has become more exciting than ever with discoveries of these new spots. Bardiha Lake View Cottages are among those new additions to the destination. These cottages are beautifully designed in row and front view offers 95 square km of Mahanadi. Also, there’s a kitchen in the premise which service food right to your room on a call. Cottages made up of wooden planks and with comfortable furnishing, gives a feel of the seaside. Without a doubt, an amazing place to spend a weekend. Follow this to jump to official website of these cottages to know more.

There’s water sports facilities offering everything from speed boating to Flyboarding. In addition, there’re many adventure activities at the shores of Gangrel. If you really don’t want to spend a peaceful stay and love action, all you need to do is take a 5 mins walk a little to this place. Although the place is not busy as a beach but sure it has been able to attract long que waiting for their turn on boat and flyboard. 

Angaarmoti Mata Temple is a destination very close to Gangrel. It’s about 15 mins drive, crossing yet another adventure club area which offers rappelling, hurdles and general warm up swings. To be noted, this adventure club has the only restaurant around Gangrel area. Coming back to Angaarmoti Mata temple, she’s deity that the local follows and holds very strong faith on her.

Moving little ahead towards the street market is another surprise for those who don’t go this place often. There’s a boat that goes to the island! Right, they discovered a small island and needs a boat for the transfer. The island offers adventure sports and leisure activities. Now that’s one thing that completes the unique experience in Gangrel.

Dhamtari is a spot that comes in transit to Jagdalpur via Kanker. Moving ahead on the roads of Dhamtari, you’ll be welcomed with changing terrains and landscapes. Also, Kanker is known for the Palace which can be covered in a few hours drive in this stay. Yet another spot is Rajim, is 45 mins drive from Gangrel. It is a place of very high religious importance owing to Kumbh and Laxman Lochan Mandir.

By G. Swapnil

Hi! I am G. Swapnil, a working professional happily married to G. Divya and I love to go about places, explore what's around me and script them for memories. I've been traveling Chhattisgarh since I came back completing my PG in 2008 from Amity University, Noida. There was lot to wander in Chhattisgarh as it was comparatively unexplored and had been recently identified as a separate state. Leaving Raipur behind on weekends, finding peace on the roads, the horizon and halts it became a passion. Slowly, I started collecting these journeys on Instagram and later founded this travelogue Welcome236. I am excited to know your opinion of the blog and if you want to get in touch with me for suggestions, feedbacks and collabs then email me on I'll be quick to respond on Instagram DM