Mahadev Temple in Devbaloda is 13th Century Shrine by Kalchuris

The ancient Mahadev temple in Devbaloda was built by the Kalchuris in 13th Century. Kalchuris have built many shrines across Chhattisgarh. But the mythological figures in this temple depicts clearer sketch of Kalchuri’s imagination. Perhaps, a sing of their belief getting firmer.

How to Reach Mahadev Temple in Devbalod

The Mahadev temple in Devbaloda is equidistant from Raipur as well as Bhilai towards Charoda. Devbaloda road intersects Raipur-Bhilai highway at Charoda Signal. Till a certain point the roads are concrete and well built, then there’s a patch with a long flat ground with the chosen path. It connects to a single lane road till the site. One can easy take hatchback on this road without worrying about ground clearance. There’s just one milestone throughout the way, very close to the actual location. Therefore, we suggest activating Google Maps to make sure you’re on the right path. However, the sequences of these image might help to reach too.

Way to reach Mahadev Temple in Devbaloda

The Temple Premise

Similar to the Bhand Deul mandir in Arang, even this Mahadev temple is in the middle of 20th century village. A pano view is amazing as it smoothly glides through a sight of everyday happening in a village and ends at blast from the past. The temple premise welcomes you through a small gate on a open lawn. On the left, there’s a way to go to the pond followed by the incomplete shrine of Lord Shiva. On the right is a well-maintained garden with many chairs and beautiful landscape. Shiva’s Nandi baila guards the entrance of this temple. Behind the temple is heritage site with many artefacts of idols that might’ve belonged to the temple once.

Sculptures in Mahadev Temple

Six stone pillars support the column of this Mahadev temple. The pillars have imaginary creatures and geometric figures, very prevalent sculptures among Kalchuris. One can readily notice the sharpness and the details of these structures compared to other temples of Chhattisgarh. As if, their imagination were getting clearer with time. Compared to other structures, these stones are highly polished too. The walls of main compound displays many Hindu idols like Ganesha, Bhairava, Vishnu, Mahishasumardini, Tripurantaka Shiva, Venu Gopala and keertimukha design. Rest of the exterior walls have an elaborated depiction of Gaja, Ashva and Nara. In addition, there are musicians, dancers and similar figureheads. The details are meticulous which gives this temple a fascinating visual from distant.


A fine artist sculpted Mahadev temple workign day and night. But he left the temple’s construction in midway. He went thorugh the canal believed to be in the pond. The pond has 23 stairs on the bank and it is very deep. The pond has rumored to have a tunnel connecting to Arang. Also, the pond has a water source from below the ground which keeps the water level up all year round. There is no hard proof of these facts, but these are highly rumoured about at this village.

The temple witnesses highest footfall during Mahashivratri when the disciples of lord Shiva pay form the village gathers for his blessing. The event is also accompanied by small fair, which is a usual pattern of all the divine shrines across Chhattisgarh and perhaps rest of India. 


A visit to Mahadev temple in Devbaloda can be clubbed with a visit to Sai Mandir in Charoda about 15 mins away on the highway. Also, in a little distance of about next 20-30 minutes you can visit Kevalyadham temple. 

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