There is a Marine Drive in Raipur and you can #TBT this Spot

Right! There is a Marine Drive in Raipur. Howsoever surprising it may sound for a landlocked state but it’s there. Try that on Google Map or ask it to the locals and you’ll know. Interestingly, the buzz word trended because the people of Raipur liked it that way.

Marine Drive in Raipur is also #TBT. Acronym for its popular name Telibandha Talab (not to be confused with Throw Back Thursday). #TBT is spread across 8000 steps walkway as per Fitbit and offers range of cuisines prepared at small shacks near entrance. The spot has become the locals’ favourite. It is one of the busiest streets on Saturdays and Sundays in Raipur, especially the evening. Most likely because of the scenic beauty and the layout that caters to a wide range of audience like fitness freaks, foodies, lonesomes, newbies and the wanders. There’s something for everyone here.

Marine Drive in Raipur started gaining attention soon with the renovation. What was just a talab started attracting people to spend quality time. With the increasing footfalls for the leisure, the area picked up growth. Then came a turning point. This place was talked about all over India when it hoisted the tallest Indian flag. The length of shaft is a wooping 82 mts and operates on hydraulics. The waving Indian flag against this beautiful lake, graffiti around the area, light’s reflection on the water and the hue during sunset makes gives this place the signature spot to spend a splendid evening.

Marine Drive has also been keeping citizens fit. There has been numerous Zumba sessions, marathons races, bicycle races, fitness episodes and fun activities starting early in the morning. For these activities weekends were the chosen days. Thousands of people have gathered at this zone at various events. It continues to be the most loved hangout zone of the city.

Please note that it is not a tourist spot. More so, it can be a spot for the tourists seeking relaxation after journey. In addition, on the other side of Marine Drive has some commercial shops selling electronics, banks & ATMs, daily needs as well as food-zones. Giving it a Sunday evening is not a bad idea at all if you’re traveling Raipur.


Katora Talab
Gadh Kalewa
Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum
It’s Me Cafe

Let’s see what the people has to say about this place. We asked ‘What you like the most about Marine Drive in Raipur’ and here’s what we got. Enjoy!

By G. Swapnil

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