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1 Watch = 10 Trees, How?

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Business Model that’s building a sustainable ecosystem.

We have our ever-growing needs and demands and then there are businesses trying to fulfil them. Has it ever occurred to you how it might be impacting the ecosystem? In fact, can’t we build a model of business which also gives back to nature and in turn to our own future? 

We came across this watch manufacturers TruWood who had us on their unique wooden watch collections. Precision cuts, detailing on the dial, the feel of wood, a sense of connection with nature and yet so fashionable. The concept alone was fuelling our inquisitiveness as wearing a great looking wooden watch alone, will make anyone stand out in crowd. Curiosity kicked in and we decided to dig deeper.

TruWood works around this interesting business model in which they not only promise a quality product but also a promise to plant 10 trees on every watch they sell. By now, this organisation alone has planted about 463000 trees starting 2016. Their watches which are hand made translates to much needed job creation. This idea is so powerful. Imagine if a manufacturing sector takes up this inspiration and make it a point to contribute back to nature, then we’ll have a team of entrepreneurs fighting against issues like global warming, deforestation, poverty, hunger and jobs. Although so far, they’ve been held responsible for it. And when their product reach at your doorsteps, you’ll think of that you’ve done for mother nature and that you’ve done for people in need, won’t it add a new meaning to the word ‘fashion’?


Japanese Quartz Movements

Sapphire coated Mineral Glass

Water Resistant up to 3 ATM

Sandalwood Case

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Forest Garden Program

How this all connects? Ordering watches and planting trees? What change can it do?

This was the most interesting part of our learning from TruWood. They function in Africa, a country which is in need of help to stabilise its economy. The efforts made by planting trees by TruWood alone has brought bread and butter for 20,410 families here and a whooping 400% raise in their annual income. These statistics are fascinating but certainly not enough to meet the GDP. However, the message here is this business model which is working and adding to the much desired change in this region. In addition, this is not just an economical change but too it’s environmental friendly as trees are naturally designed to fight issues like global warming. Isn’t it all summing up to a circle (cycle) that’s sustainable? Of course you will also get a watch being a part of this ecosystem.



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Yes, we did order one of TruWood product that’ll soon show up on our Instagram. The transaction process was so smooth as we had choice of Paypal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay options. As well as they accept American Express, Visa, Master Card and Discover and almost all these services are available across India. Oh! And don’t just forget to add our discount code BBWELCOME236A before you proceed to the payments. They’ve the regular and express shipping options, decide on your own will. We went for the regular.

You can actively track the location of your shipment on their website. In addition they provide email assistance to tell the exact location of your order. Although the website mentions 15-20 business days but it might just extend a bit longer, depending on your location. Our shipment reached in about 25 days as it was to reach Raipur.

In addition, we suggest to keep watching your emails for special announcements by the company, which might add a cherry to the topping on shopping.

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